Micro 355 Vs Suppressor?

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Re: Micro 355 Vs Suppressor?

Post by L. E. Carroll » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:30 pm

If your looking at a Grizzly as part of a complete "Light Stuff" package it should come with a pretty nice Dead Zone scope as part of the package.

Personally, I prefer the Dead Zone or even a Varizone for that matter, :oops: over a tactzone. I think the clearity is way better with either of those 2 Excal. models.

If indeed, you feel the need to up-grade your scope 8) the Hawke XB 30 or XB 1 are both illuminated and I think much superior to the tactzone.

If illumination is not a "Must Have" then simply buy the Nikon "Bolt" model for much less money than any of the illuminated scopes I have mentioned and never look back. :D Even though it lacks a speed ring, the clarity and quality is great in these scopes and their crosshairs are just about ideally spaced with a 300 fps. crossboow in mind.

If the speed ring is actually needed in your opinion, then the Leupold Crossbones becomes " THE ONE " and IMO, I would have near the top of my list :wink: as far as non-illuminated scope up-grades out there go.

Now there are more expensive alternatives available if you have deep pockets :lol: but I feel these are great values for the money spent. I hope this helps regardless of the Moodel Excalibur you choose. :wink:

BTW, all suggested include a lifetime warranty you can really count on.

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